I’m a Hobby Butterfly…

… also known as “Where has Zack been!?”

I admit. I’ve been fluttering around between projects now. I think that’s the problem with huge project completions like the Armies of Parade display – you feel so relieved at the completion of the project that you kind of lose some of the discipline that you had earlier.

As a result, I’ve hopped between my Zombie Dragon / Heldrake, my Chaos Centurions, a Dwarf King Belegar display piece and Tauriel. And I’m also happily imagining how to build my Boarding Marines / Sternguards unit.

Certainly doesn’t help that I’ve been distracted by Android: Netrunner too. (Wotan must stay within our borders…!)

Anyway, gotta get my ass back in gear. I went to a painting session a LGS last evening, and started to get back a bit of momentum by doing up the red armour of my Centurions. The place was pretty quiet – but it was a productive sort of quiet (the kind where it ain’t so deathly silent where you can hear ringing in your ears. The kind where there isn’t a lot of noise going on around you, but you can still hear the hustle and bustle of life going on outside. I think there’s a study on why people are most productive in coffee houses. It’s that same kind of environment.)

This Saturday, I’m also crashin’ Steve’s place to try and get some more paintin’ going on. By the way, Steve has a blog that I think y’all should check out too. I will update the blogs link in the sidebar innabit – but he’s goin’ for a different approach, far as I can tell. A little more focus on the narrative gaming methinks.

In the meantime – pictures of WIPs! These will be uploaded in their respective ‘completed’ posts as well but hey – just to show that I’m still painting, mmkay. Just… very slowly.


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