Eisenkern Reinforcements! – a first look at Dreamforge Games’ new kit

So sue me, I’m a proponent for alternative miniatures. It’s not that I do not like Games Workshop’s work (I love the detail and options on all of their new kits), but the problem with Games Workshop kits is that everyone has them. I’m a picky sort that wants something different and out of the ordinary.

BTW I do kitbash. My Thousand Son Terminators are testament to that. When we get around to army showcases, I’ll talk a little bit more about them.

Anyway, in November 2012 Dreamforge Games launched a Kickstarter to finance their venture into… plastic Titans. You heard me. If you wanted a Warhound-sized Titan for your next Apocalypse game and wants it a bit cheaper, Dreamforge Games has the answer for you.

You can visit them here.

However, I’m not quite a fan of giant walking robots of death and destruction. Something else caught my eye. The Eisenkern Stormtroopers. Now, they had launched a previous Kickstarter to finance these guys (in November 2011), but they were done in metal. This time, they were going for multi-part plastic kits. Plastic is all the rage, these-a-days. GW had been doing it for some time, Wyrd has recently jumped in on it…

Anyway. So I jumped in on the Kickstarter and got myself a 20-man Stormtrooper set and a Heavy Weapons set (snagging myself the Stormtrooper Accessories and Ada – Female Stormtrooper at the same time, yay for pledge rewards!). The Stormtrooper / Killzone Trooper look was nice for an ‘evil’ Imperial Guard look that I had wanted to go with my Chaos Space Marines detachment. And they’ve finally reached my doorstep today xD As far as Kickstarters go, this one was pretty quick admittedly.

How do they compare with existing kits? I can’t claim to be an expert on plastic model kits or their manufacturing process, but the feel of the sprues is highly similar to Wyrd’s new plastics. They maintain a decent amount of detail are hardy.. but the best part is that there are just so many parts! The Accessory Kit has TONS of pouches and heads (sadly I may be sticking to the Stormtrooper look, though). Scale wise? I’ve not assembled a figure yet (I’ll get right on to that) but initial comparisons show that the rifles in the kit are the same length as an Imperial Guard lasgun. Size comparisons on the blog demonstrates that they are suitably sized for Warhammer 40k (check out the post here)

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Update more once I get one assembled. Or 10.

I’ll talk a little bit more about what I have planned with these guys in the next post.



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